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X-art, Season of love

HD Video: Caprice (Little Caprice) and Mark (Marcello Bravo) are in love (that is obvious). And now they are on vacation on the island of Ibiza. Watch as these two athletes (he is a world champion erotic pole dancer and she is just perfect) make love, make out, suck and fuck until they will make YOU cum. They really love each other and you can see it & that makes the sex even better. The season of love is here! Cum in and get some. xoxo ~ Colette

Find the scene :

Marcello Bravo + Little Caprice

X-art, Little Caprice + Marcello Bravo

Extasia Lugano 2014

This weekend we are in Lugano. Extasia make the second fair this year after extasia basel.
We are there with a big team from

Marcello Bravo: Manstrip, Special Acrobatic show, Live Sexshow.

Little Caprice: Livesex Show, Promotion Stand for

Mina Reiter: Livesex

Victor Vulcano: Livesex

Conny Dachs: Livesex

Bella Blond: Livesex

Hally Thomas: Livesex, special Stripshow

You can visit us on the Extasia Stand and on the X-art Promo Place with Little Caprice !!!!

X-Art, Season of love, New Ibiza Scene

New Pictures Online right now on:

from ouer scene in Ibiza, the x clip coming soon. It was a amazing sunny day with a amazing Caprice.

official websites:
Marcello Bravo Caprice Showbooking

caprice & mark (marcello bravo ) in Ibiza

caprice & mark (marcello bravo ) in Ibiza

(little) CAPRICE + MARC(ello) – Exclusive Actors from

Nice Trailer from marcello bravo + little caprice

to a new Scene on:

My Naughty Girl – Amazing new Szene with Marc(ello) & Caprice

Video Szene Naughty Girl

Video Gallerie Naught Girl

HD Video: Caprice is Mark’s (Marcello) “naughty girl“. They love to try experimental sexual acts together. Here you can get a taste of them exploring new things. Watch as Mark slides his huge cock inside Caprice’s tiny pussy and ass. This gorgeous, acrobatic and sexual couple can only be found on X-Art. Lucky for me and our members Caprice can be a naughty girl for all of us ;-) xxoo ~ Colette

Trailer :


Aerial Silk XXX Szene with X-Art

Up in the air: Amazing Szene ever in the air with Caprice.

X-art Szene in the Air

The Picture say everything :-)

New Szene ONLINE for : Erotic Stretching & Sex

Erotic Stretching & Sex: Caprice & Marcello Bravo alias MARK

HD Video: Caprice ( LittleCaprice) and her boyfriend MARK ( Marcello Bravo ) have been a huge hit on the erotic circuit in Europe. Think Cirque du Soleil but with lots of naked people. Mark (Markus actually) is an aerialist of the finest caliber and a star in his own right. He is also one of the nicest guys on the planet. Makes sense why Caprice (definitely one of the nicest, coolest and of course most beautiful girls I’ve ever known) would have chosen him. Well you can see them around Europe at various erotic fairs but you can ONLY see them making love on X-Art. They are one of our exclsuive dream couples! I think it’s really cool to watch two people who are truly in love sharing their awesome bodies and heightened emotions with us and our members. I’ll put the HD Video up from this set early. I really think men, woman and couples will enjoy it. I just love to love these two! Seriously HOT…

x-art_caprice_erotic_stretching_&_sex with Mark alias Marcello Bravo

x-art_caprice_erotic_stretching_&_sex with Mark alias Marcello Bravo

Pictures :

Video :

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With X-art in Ibiza

See the Nice Pictures from ouer Szene in Ibiza 2013.

Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo auf Ibiza beim Dreh für X-Art (Photo Credit:

Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo auf Ibiza beim Dreh für X-Art (Photo Credit:
The girl in this photo is Caprice (she is exclusive to with her aerialist boyfriend; they are stars of many European Erotic fairs, but you will only see them in sex scenes here. So please join if you love these awesome people and want to watch them make love in lots of different ways. They even had a foursome on Ibiza and will invite another boy and girl to have some fun with them. But they are just like this (very erotic) and they are also 100% devoted to each other. I would not be surprised if they actually get married!
So let’s show some love for Caprice tonight. Please make some nice comments for her, she did such a great job on the trip and they tried their absolute best to give us beautiful and HOT scenes (which is always true of the wonderful Caprice & Mark!)

Greetings Marcello alias Mark & Caprice ( little )
work with X-art in Ibiza
Showbooking :

Back from Ibiza 2013

Back from Ibiza :-) was really nice with

The szenes will be amazing !

Greetings Marcello alias Mark ;-)

New Scenes from Marcello Bravo – alias MARK

Dear Friends :-)
Look my new scenes alias Mark ( Marcello Bravo ) for .
Amazing XXX Videos with Caprice .
My Actor Name for X-Art is MARK ( Marcello Bravo ) .

Caprice is getting married! Well not really, but this is her actual boyfriend Mark, and they are shooting exclusive scenes for us at X-Art
Watch this Amazing couple (they are truly stunning) as they have passionate wedding night sex.
The emotions are so real that I can’t imagine it will be any better on their ACTUAL wedding night. (Really, I can’t…)
One of our best videos ever, raw passion!
I promise you won’t want to miss this one.

Pictures to the Movie : MARRY ME Caprice – Pictures
Video to the Movie : MARRY ME Caprice – Movie
Trailer to the Movie: MARRY ME Caprice – Trailer

(The Morning After) HD Video. Ahhh, the morning after! Well that could mean a few things (some good and some bad). In this instance it means the morning after Caprice and Mark’s ( Marcello Bravo ) wedding night. Watch them wake up and make love again. And it is just as beautiful and hot as their wedding night. They get to explore each other in the soft morning light and really make each other have amazing orgasms. It so cool to watch them because they are really in love! They both travel for work so when they get to see each other on camera with us at X-Art they are sometimes so hot for each other that they can’t even wait. I just love them! You’ll have to watch this HD and see what I mean ;-) Love,

Pictures to the Movie: Newlyweds
Video to the Movie: Newlyweds

Have fun an enjoy the amazing beautiful Erotic Videos from . More scenes comming soon….

Day & Night Entertainment
Merry me Caprice... & Mark