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Extasia 2014 in Basel

wieder ist s soweit, Marcello Bravo + Little Caprice sind auf der Extasia verbucht. Mit dabei von seiner Entertainment Agentur :

Mina Reiter
Victor Vulcano
Carl & Victoria Sweet

Extasia Lugano 2014

This weekend we are in Lugano. Extasia make the second fair this year after extasia basel.
We are there with a big team from

Marcello Bravo: Manstrip, Special Acrobatic show, Live Sexshow.

Little Caprice: Livesex Show, Promotion Stand for

Mina Reiter: Livesex

Victor Vulcano: Livesex

Conny Dachs: Livesex

Bella Blond: Livesex

Hally Thomas: Livesex, special Stripshow

You can visit us on the Extasia Stand and on the X-art Promo Place with Little Caprice !!!!

Extasia Basel 2013 – Marcello Bravo

This weekend on the Extasia Basel 2013 with :

Little Caprice
Hally Thomas,
Victor Vulcano,
Mina Reiter..

Day & Night Entertainment
Showbooking :