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X-art tour pix

Marcello Bravo

Check my pictures from my world tour with . Love it :-)

and not forget: show booking

This was Sao Paulo 2014

Erotica Expo Bruxelles
Nice pictures from the erotica sao paulo 2014, we was a lot of actors on stage.
Thanks to THIAGO for the pix

Nigh & Day Entertainment
+436767309068 Austria / Markus Schlögl
*Bitte beachten Sie unsere AGB´s
Night & Day Entertainment is a consortium of several companies
and freelance artists in the field of entertainment, production, show-booking & stage-direction

Marcello Bravo & team x-art

Marcello Bravo & team x-art

World Tour, March- April 2014 Marcello Bravo

Erotica Expo Bruxelles

Check my World-Tour PIX in MARCH till APRIL 2014, all week updates :-)
03-04.03.2014 Porno Gala Maxim.
07-09.03.2014 Brussels-Belgium.
13-14.03.2014 Praha X-Art-Czech.
19.03.2014 St.Gallen-Casino Ladies Night-Swiss.
22-23.03.2014 Paris-France.
24-30.03.2014 X-Art-Sao Paulo Brasil.
05-06.04.2014 Nice-France.
08-09.04.2014 Praha X-Art-Czech.


This was 2013 – Marcello Bravo say thanks to everybody

Strip Champion Ship - 3 Place Praha
Thanks to everybody for the year 2013, it was a amazing BUT HARD year with many bookings worldwide, new shows, new moves, new styles, new friendships and a lot of new experience in POLESPORT and in my privat LIVE !
Awards 2013:
3 Place Best Exotic Dancer in Prague, Congratulation Kenzo Superstar (1 Place ),
1 Place World best Stripper Exhibition in Brno,
1 Place Polesport Champion Austria,
8 Place Polesport Europa Praha,
Finalist Polesport in Brno,
Main Act on the Gala Venus Berlin 2013,
Exclusive Contract for .
and my sweet Babe :-)
Bookings, Shows, Sport…2013

Hellboy-Fire-Acrobatic-Act – Brand New – Marcello Bravo

Hellboy Fire Act-Eroticstar-marcello bravo
Check the Pix from my NEW AMazing Act – The Hellboy Fire Act. Great Costume with all kind of stuff in one Show Dance Act.

Greetings Marcello

More Shows :

Oslo Sexhibition 2013

[Galerie nicht gefunden]

Great Pictures from the Erotica Fair in Oslo – Norway – Sexhibition 2013 ,

Marcello Bravo on 4 meter Pole in Action,

Schlögl Markus on 4 meter Pole in Action …

+Greze :-)

Erotic Entertainer Nr.1 Marcello Bravo

*Worldwide all kind of different ShowActs*
** Marcello Bravo Erotic Champion 2013 **

Day & Night Entertainment
+436767309068 Austria / Markus Schlögl
+436769196826 Austria / Cornelia Miehe

Pole Dance, Sport Akrobatik, Pole Arts, Pole Acrobatic

[Galerie nicht gefunden]

Nice pictures on the Pole from Marcello, our Erotic – Allround Talent from Austia.

Pole Dance, Sport Akrobatik, Pole Arts, Pole Acrobatic.





is Worldwide first Aerial Silk Led Robot Show. NOW in IBIZA 2012
He comes from the future – he climbs, jumps, swings, dives into crowd, and goes back into the air!
With his laser & pyro guns he fights & destroyes the enemies up in the air!

***the new Aerial Generation ***

On Tour Ibiza 2012
Booking :

Eivissa + 34 609 434 098

Austria +43 676 73 09 068


the new Aerial Generation


Promo : Promotion Video Highlighter Led

Live in Ibiza: SKYHI-LIGHTER

Shooting mit Marcello Bravo + Hally Thomas


Sexy Photoshooting mit Marcello Bravo + Hally Thomas