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X-Art new scene – 4 way

New x-art scene online right now :-) and the clip is just great

Official littlecaprice:


Brunette or redhead? If you are Caprice and Anny, the better question is, “Why do we have to choose”? These beautiful girls want it all. Imagine two gorgeous couples sipping champagne at Anny’s home. Caprice and Marcello are over, and the conversation soon turns to giving pleasure and uninhibited sexual appetites. If you can’t fuck your friends, who can you fuck? The guys’ cocks start to get hard in their pants as Anny and Jean make out. Clothes quickly are shed and Caprice and Anny wrap their full lips around their man’s shaft and compare techniques. What a turn-on to fuck with passion and watch your friends doing the same! Caprice and Anny naturally have to play with one another as well, and then they swap partners. And then they swap again. God, this feels so good as these super hot girls provide an orgasmic cornucopia. A “four-way” and, with you watching, in 4K! XOXO, Colette

Jan 28, 2016 featuring Caprice | Anny Aurora

AVN Las Vegas Marcello Bravo & Little Caprice

We are nominated for the best Boy Girl scene at the AVN in Las Vegas 2016. Its a honor for us to be a part of the Porno Oscars in Las Vegas 2016.

Greetings Marcello & Caprice

Back from USA

Finally we are back home from USA. Our trip was just amazing, We were in las vegas where i get the second place at the pole expo in the hard rock hotel. After we visit our xart company in malibu. We were picked up with a helicopter from the airport. Just amazing, no words.. Soon you will see how dirty we where there. Send you many kisses Marcello & Little Caprice .

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Little Caprice + Marcello Bravo in Malibu

X-Art, maybe yes

check out our news sensual, erotic scene for xart

HD Video: Who says dreams can’t come true? Tonight it’s our exclusive little sex goddess Caprice who will re-win your heart (and boner) as she positions herself on all fours and gives you a view worth a million bucks…all while getting really wet and ready for a big cock to slide right in and finish the job. Are you up for it? Maybe…yes!

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Videodreh von Little Caprice

meine Agentur hat dieses Jahr wieder viele Künstler vermittelt.
Unter anderem an den Club Roma in München.
Seht selbst wie toll der Videodreh von Erotikmodel Little Caprice geworden ist :

Extasia 2014 in Basel

wieder ist s soweit, Marcello Bravo + Little Caprice sind auf der Extasia verbucht. Mit dabei von seiner Entertainment Agentur :

Mina Reiter
Victor Vulcano
Carl & Victoria Sweet

X-Art, Meet My Lover From Austria

X-Art, Meet My Lover From Austria

HD Video: Caprice has been wanting to introduce her American friend Jenna to her Austrian lover Marcello, so when the opportunity presented itself at the Brazilian Erotic Festival, these sexy people were up for the very special treat. So after drinks at their upscale hotel’s cocktail lounge that evening, they move to their suite, where the sexy magic happens :-) The chemistry between these three is unparalleled. Trust me, you will LOVE the passion…and the view! The only uneasiness in watching this sexcapade is trying to decide whose place you’d want to be in ;-)

Double Tease – Now on


HD Video: Get ready to be turned on from the start when THE sex goddess herself appears wearing a black lacy bodysuit and some killer stockings and heels. Once she has your undivided attention (as she easily will ;-) ), enjoy her seductive striptease. One taste of her sweet pussy and Markus (aka the famous Marcello Bravo) is ready to go. He then has his turn at teasing Caprice, which is followed by some passionate and beautiful cock sucking by her. How did they even make it to the sex (I am sooo turned on!)….which is earth shattering and super-orgasmic by the way :-) Here cums a double tease! XO


x-art tease me scine marcello bravo + little caprice

x-art tease me scine marcello bravo + little caprice

This was Sao Paulo 2014

Erotica Expo Bruxelles
Nice pictures from the erotica sao paulo 2014, we was a lot of actors on stage.
Thanks to THIAGO for the pix

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Marcello Bravo & team x-art

Marcello Bravo & team x-art

Floating Emotions

Amazing  Xart scene :-) in the AIR,

With Marcello Bravo aerialist silks and Caprice’s mystic charm, these two are in for a wonderfully erotic time. Watch the intmacy and intricacy in this beautiful dance between this beautiful couple. And enjoy the vulnerability displayed, which in intimacy just opens up a new world of optimum pleasure. The sucking and fucking is truly an art form — cum join in on the fun! It’s floating emotions.

Floating Emotions