Attack on Hally Thomas on Stage in Paris Eropolis 2013

Attack on Hally Thomas on Stage in Paris !

luckily nothing happened, everything hally thomas of the Femen group FEMEN intervention at the erotic fair in Paris was Éropolis Attacks 2013

France :

Appeal AGRIF

Whereas the group section Assault LGBT-GMO lobby “femhaines” continues to engage in violent anti-Christian provocations.
Observing that these femhaines Ukraine have behaved exactly like the Taliban in Afghanistan, demolishing works of religious art.
Recalling the evidence that no one can deny that if they do the same avisaient burst into the Great Mosque of Paris or in the synagogue, they would be immediately put out of harm’s way, imprisoned, judged in flagrante delicto organization dissolved.
Do not accept that Christians are therefore treated as lower class citizens as pariahs true to bear indefinitely not only insults and derision but now assault and intentional attacks.
Denounced the climate of racism that develops against them, recalling the times herald persecution and extermination perpetrated by Jacobinism, Nazism and Communism, as the case against Christians or against the Jews.
Whereas the group falls under Article L212-1 of the Code of Homeland Security stating that “are dissolved by decree of the Council of Ministers, all associations or groupings of fact, or lead to discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of their origin or their membership or non-membership in an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, or propagate ideas or theories which attempt to justify or encourage such discrimination, hatred or violence. ‘
Government claims the group disbanded racist femhaines.

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