Archiv für 28. Mai 2020

NASSTY – Back to the 40s

It’s time for some more love. After a long day at work I came home to find my husband waiting for me with my favourite drink, which I most definitely needed! But that wasn’t all, he also had a present for me, and when he asked me to go and try it on I knew he had something sexy in mind so I decided to pay along. I put on this high-class lingerie, picked up one of my silk scarves and went back to him. I used the scarf to blindfold him and then gave him a lap dance to turn him on. When I was sure he was hard I unzipped his trousers and gave him a blowjob. After that…well, you know what comes next! I hope you enjoy this video of us together, we had a lot of fun making it!Caprice XOXO

POV Dreams – Fuck the housekeeper

I have been in Mexico, and enjoyed my morning shower. I like to masturbate in the shower sometimes, and this day I did it! I was almost done, so I didn’t realize the housekeeper came into my room. When I spot him to watching me, I realize he is a handsome guy! And he was turned on already, so I invited him to join me in my shower. Of course he did! I love to fuck in the showers, really! Have fun! Xoxo caprice